Senior and Estate Clean Outs

As we get older, the number of things we accumulate over the years grows. Our professional teams have the knowledge, patience and experience to help your family sort through what you wish to keep, recycle, donate or sell.

Transitions: We assist seniors and families during times of transition, whether into a retirement community, assisted living, or nursing facility. We assist with the sorting and removal of unwanted items and possessions. We also provide moving assistance to the new residence within our service area..

Remaining in Your Home: We assist seniors and their family, who choose to remain in their home, let go of the clutter; then helping to provide a safer and more independent environment for the senior to remain at home.

Death of a Family Member: Many times, families need help after the passing of a loved one to clean out the unwanted items. This process can be emotional and overwhelming. Let us help you with this process by organizing, sorting, removing and cleaning to prepare the house for whatever comes next.We save not just your time and effort, we also save – money! Compare the cost of renting a dumpster sitting on-site (and you have to fill it) with BayState Cleanout’s all-inclusive service- for less money and no back-breaking effort!

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