Owners Story

owners story


I am Mark, the owner of BayState Cleanout. There are a few reasons I decided to start this company. Throughout my life, I have worked for companies in waste disposal. I have seen their pitfalls and tribulations. I knew there were better options available to reuse and recycle. This can be done without creating more cost to the consumer.

Currently, the big brand companies are filling trucks with useful goods as well as material that should be recycled, then dumping them in landfills. This material is not recycled or reused in any way. By using BayState Cleanout, you are helping to save the environment. We recycle and reuse over 80% of what is hauled by us. We are proud that BayState Cleanout is one of the greenest junk removal companies in Massachusetts.

In most cases, I have found items being disposed of are useful to others. They can be donated to charities or people in need. We directly help the ones in our communities of North Shore Massachusetts. Donations go to senior centers and homeless veteran’s foundations. We also help domestic violence victims and single-parent households.

I am a certified diver and have seen first-hand the destructive harm disposing of waste has in our ocean, marine life, and the environment. Proper disposal of waste and recycling is extremely important to us. We have a system in place that sorts and separates for recycling, donation or disposal. Using this process, we reduce material sent to the landfill, making us an environmentally responsible company.

We all should do our part to the help the environment. Thank you for choosing my company. I look forward to handling your clutter removal needs.


Mark G. (Owner)

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