At some point in your life, you will encounter a large pile of junk that you’ll need to get rid of. Whether it’s for personal reasons or business, removing junk seems to be an inevitable event. For businesses, this phenomenon happens a lot more often. In our experience, we have come across a lot of commercial clients needing to clear out entire warehouses full of old cabinets, records, equipment, supplies, and more. These warehouses are sometimes stocked full of various items. If you have been put in charge of clearing out a warehouse, there are a few options you can take to complete the job.

Hire a Company.

The most convenient option is to hire a warehouse cleanout company to clean out the warehouse for you. You’ll be completely hands off. It will free up your time to do other, more important things. Overseeing a cleanup job like this might require you to review what’s going to the trash, what stays, and what should be either sold or given away. Look for a company that is willing to work with you to address all of your needs throughout this process.

Many companies have various pricing tiers when it comes to jobs like this, so it’s good to get multiple estimates to figure out what will work for your budget. Also, pay close attention to what the company will or will not remove. It’s no fun to have a junk removal company show up for the appointment and have them refuse to do the job.

Do It Yourself.

If you have some time on your hands and are willing to get a little dirty, it might be a good option to do it yourself. This option works especially well if you have help. With the right number of hands, time, and a little organization you and your team can easily get the job done. Clearing out a full warehouse yourself can be a very tedious and overwhelming job, so it’d be a good idea to pace yourself and your team. Take plenty of breaks and keep yourself well hydrated. Create small goals and reward yourself at each benchmark so you’ll feel confident and keep up the morale along the way.

As always, doing it yourself will be your cheapest option. However, keep in mind that what you save in money, will cost you in time and other resources.

Employ a Combination of Both.

Clearing out a warehouse can be done many ways. Instead of hiring a company to do it all or doing it all yourself, you can do a combination of both. This option works especially well because you’ll give yourself a chance to go through it all first, before a professional cleaning team comes in. This allows you to organize the warehouse and get a good idea of what’s all there. Clearing out some of the junk ahead of time may also decrease your total junk removal bill significantly. What’s more, this option will alleviate some of the hard work for you.

If you are looking for help cleaning out a warehouse, give us a call. Our professional team will give you your time and space back. We can organize your commercial space. If you need to clean up, assemble, remove junk, and or organize a lot of things, we can help. Whether you have a storage facility, a basement, or simply a junk office, we can come in and make your space spotless in just a matter of hours.

We understand that things can get piled on quite quickly and become overwhelming. That’s why we created a service that not only takes things to the dumpster for you, but we also clean out and organize spaces restoring them back to a space you can feel comfortable in. Contact us today for an estimate.