The most hassle-free and the most cost-effective way of removing unwanted junk from your household is to contact a professional junk removal service, and simply have them cart it all away for you. While some people have tried the dumpster drop-off approach, they may have discovered to their regret, that there are rental fees for the dumpster, as well as pickup fees, and it’s sometimes even necessary to obtain a permit which will allow you to have dumpster sitting in front of your home for whatever time is needed. It also means you’ll have to manually carry all the junk from your household to deposit it in the dumpster yourself, and if there are any heavy materials involved, you’ll have to go through the hassle of lugging it to the dumpster.

Cost of a junk removal service

While all junk removal jobs will be priced differently based on what’s involved, you can count on a professional service costing less than a dumpster service, especially when renting the dumpster is necessary for a week or more. The cost of a junk removal service will depend on how many items must be removed, and how much square footage is taken up on the truck which hauls it away. Another factor which comes into play is whether it’s a one-man job, or a job which calls for multiple professionals on the site. This is generally only necessary when heavy items need to be hauled out of your home and placed on the truck, or when you have a high volume of junk that would cause a single worker to spend too much time on the job.

Ease of a junk removal service

Apart from the fact that it’s generally a cheaper solution, having a junk removal service cart away your unwanted belongings is also a lot easier for you. First of all, you don’t have to be involved with carrying a number of items to be loaded onto a truck, some of which may be heavy or bulky. The job doesn’t end there either. Once the junk leaves the premises, it has to be taken somewhere, and some of the material needs to be recycled, some may need to be donated, and some may be carted to a landfill.

There may also be hazardous materials which have to be disposed of, and appropriate steps would need to be taken to accomplish this. Junk removal specialists are aware of all the rules and regulations regarding disposal of various items, and will know exactly where all items need to be dropped off. If you had to do all this yourself, it would be a whole lot more time-consuming, and you would very likely have to make multiple stops before finally disposing of all that junk.

Need junk removed?

If your household has been accumulating junk and you’re ready to have it all removed, the easiest and most cost-effective solution is to call Bay State Cleanout, and have your unwanted material removed promptly and efficiently. You’ll get the most affordable pricing, as well as the most professional service, so you really couldn’t find a better solution, even if you spent weeks searching. Contact Bay State Cleanout, and say good-bye to your junk!